Coats: ISIS Is Intent on Re-Surging and Still Commands Thousands of Fighters in Iraq and Syria

‘While ISIS is nearing territorial defeat in Iraq and Syria, the group returned to it’s guerrilla warfare roots, plotting attacks and direct supporters worldwide’

COATS: “Terrorism remains a persistent threat and in some ways is positioned to increase in 2019. The conflicts in Iraq and Syria have generated a large pool of skilled and battle-hardened fighters who remain dispersed throughout the region. While ISIS is nearing territorial defeat in Iraq and Syria, the group has returned to it’s guerrilla warfare roots while continuing to plot attacks and directed supporters worldwide. ISIS Is intent on resurging and still commands thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda is showing signs of confidence as its leaders work to strengthen their networks and encourage attacks against western interest. We saw this most recently in Kenya as Al-Shabaab attacked a hotel frequented by tourists and westerners.”

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