Biden on Global Warming: ‘That’s How Darfur Started!’

‘So, folks, this is real’


BIDEN: "But every single one of you knows that investing in clean energy gives your city a chance to grow and create jobs. But you also know this is about more than that, it’s about a matter of survival. The threat posed by climate change is existential. You know, the first meeting we had in what we called the tank over in the Pentagon, Barack and I as new president and vice-president getting briefed, you know what the military said our greatest security threat is? Global warming. The military. The military. Simple reason, sea levels rise a half a foot or a foot, you have tens of millions of people migrating. That’s how wars start. That’s how Darfur started. It matters. And you’re seeing elements in your city and I see it in my own state. Delaware has the lowest average elevation of any state in the country.” 

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