CNN’s Brianna Keilar Shreds GOP Rep. over Trump DACA Offer: ‘I Have So Much To Call You On’

‘The DACA consideration in the Senate, actually, it doesn’t provide protection, it guts DACA in, like, ten different ways’


REED: "Brianna, he’s talking about our fellow American citizens that have lost loved ones as a result of the broken border with the crime and the drug addiction that is coming through with the heroin and opioid. I see compassion when he says those children, those DACA children that we’ve been talking about for years, he’s open to giving them some peace of mind and at least we can have a conversation on that part, so there's a movement by the President here, sincere movement — "

KEILAR: "I have so much to call you on there because the DACA consideration in the Senate, actually it doesn’t provide protection and it guts DACA in ten different ways."

REED: "That is absolutely not true."

(Via Mediaite)

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