Schiff: ‘If Any Other Lawyer Were Doing What Giuliani Is Doing, It Would Be Ample Grounds for Legal Malpractice’

‘My point of view, he is doing a terrible job’


SCHIFF: “I don’t know if there are tapes that go to whether the president coached Michael Cohen in any way in terms of his testimony. I have to say, if any other lawyer were doing what Giuliani is doing, it would be ample grounds for legal malpractice. He is not acting as the president’s lawyer. He is acting as a spokesperson for the president’s legal defense. I have to tell you, my point of view, he is doing a terrible job. He seems to be in this perpetual cycle of trump never did X. Then saying, well, even if he did X, what’s the big deal. Then saying, X is not a crime. Then saying, okay, even if X is a crime, what’s the big deal about that. Then circling back to, I never said trump didn’t do this. It’s a crazy quilt of arguments. I don’t know if it reflects that he isn’t talking to the president or he is and the president continues to change his story, which we have seen in other aspects during the investigation. Either could be true.”

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