Schiff: ‘We Certainly Have Had Grounds for Concern About How the Russians Were Using the NRA as a Back Channel’

‘We know via the special counsel’s office there was plenty to see here’


SCHIFF: “We certainly have had grounds for concern about how the Russians were using the NRA as a back channel. We never had the opportunity to look into some of the financial issues. The majority took the view that this was too hot for them to handle, that there was nothing to see here. We know via the special counsel’s office there was plenty to see here. A Russian agent, a Russian asset in Maria Butina, was, in fact, charged with making inroads for Russia in the NRA, one of the most influential organizations within the GOP sphere of politics. There was a lot to learn in terms of those contacts. So this is something that we do intend to pursue. We ought to know everything we can find out about how the Russians have used some of these organizations as vectors of influence. It may be the Russian gun rights counterpart — there’s no interest in gun rights in Russia — was set up for the purpose of infiltrating the NRA and showing some kind of like minded organization on the Russian side of things.”

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