Margaret Hoover: Rudy Giuliani Is a ‘Lover of Being the Center of Attention’

‘Rudy Giuliani is a lover of opera ... he’s a lover of the tabloids and being on the front of them’

HOOVER: “I think that one quote in The New Yorker about this legacy and how it doesn’t matter really about your legacy because it is truly — what we observed, and what I've observed over the last decade, especially in this last chapter, is that Rudy Giuliani, remember when he was mayor? Rudy Giuliani is a lover of opera, he's a lover of theater. He a lover of the tabloids and being on the front of them. He's a lover of being in the center of attention. And the truth is, many people have been concerned about his legacy who are part of some of the earlier chapters of his life, my husband among them. And they have spent a lot of time trying to help focus him on his legacy, and the parts of his public service career that are absolutely worth remembering and reflecting on and, frankly, in some cases emulating right now for a Republican Party, a modern Republican Party that reach out to a much broader centers of urban America, for example. And instead, Rudy has decided that he doesn’t care. He wants the adulation and the spotlight now.”

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