CNN’s Jarrett: ‘Stunning’ That Giuliani Told Maggie Haberman About Privileged Conversations with Trump

‘There’s argument whether privilege is made, once you open the door for conversations with the president’


JARRETT: "Two reasons I think could be possible here. One, when he spoke to Maggie Haberman and he spoke about his conversations with the President, that’s stunning. This is the President of the United States' lawyer talking about presumably privilege. Giuliani is somebody who likes to talk about privilege, presumably privileged conversations, and he is repeating back to Maggie saying what Trump said apparently that 'The Trump Tower Moscow discussions were going on from the day I announced to the day I won.' Now Giuliani says, 'I never said that.' Apparently 'The New York Times,' according to Giuliani, is just making that up. You see here 'The New Yorker' reporter pressing him, he says, 'I can’t talk about my conversations with the President. I'm a lawyer, I couldn't possibly do that.' Well, you just did less than 24 hours ago. So I think there’s real questions here about whether privilege could arguably be waived, because once you open the door to conversations with the President, that is ripe grounds for an aggressive prosecutor to say, 'Tell me more about what those discussions were like.' We have no indication that Mueller is the type of person who wants to press the point like that, but you see this all the time. You can’t use the privilege as a sword and a shield, and I think that's an interesting way for Giuliani to sort of clean that up. Whether that was successful or not, I don't know.”

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