Maxine Waters: Trump’s Impeachment Is ‘Inevitable’

‘The fact of the matter is, this president should be impeached’

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WATERS: “I think when we take a look at what Mueller says, he did not say it is an absolute lie. It is absolutely not true. The way he framed it, it made it sound like there is some problems with the way BuzzFeed did it but it did not close out the possibility of what BuzzFeed is saying has a lot of truth to it. We have to wait until it unfolds. I am pleased that people are having the courage to say the word impeachment. I have talked about it for a long time, I think it is everything that I have seen about this president whether it was what I have seen with collusion or obstruction of justice or with his lies or with so many things that he has done and a certain things he qualifies for impeachment and if it takes him longer and if they are waiting on Mueller to give them permission, okay, that’s fine. The fact of the matter is, this president should be impeached.”

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