Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump’s Latest Offer on Immigration Won’t Go Anywhere

‘It was, I think, an effort to prop up the president’s sagging poll numbers’


SCHIFF: "I think the Vice President and President know what the President announced yesterday was not going to go anywhere. It wasn’t really intended to. I think it was a effort to prop up the President’s sagging poll numbers. But it did nothing to get us closer to ending the shutdown. The President denounced the shutdown. Said he would be proud of it. He’s proud of it. He needs to put an end to it. That’s what we hoped we might hear from the President. People have suffered enough. Federal employees are going without another pay check. I might put an end to this and continue the negotiations, that’s what he should have done, that's what a real president would do. But instead, what this is really about is not border security. What this is about is a broken promise that the President made and often repeated clearly false song and dance act that Mexico was going to build a great, beautiful wall and pay for it."

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