Mike Barnicle: What Trump Is Doing to Pelosi Is Just About a Third Grade Level

‘Unlike Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi knows how to make a deal’


BARNICLE: "Mika, unlike Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi knows how to make a deal. She’s made a lot of deals. And also in this instance, this is Nancy D'Alesandro we're speaking about, raised in Baltimore, the daughter of a former mayor of Baltimore, she’s tougher and a lot smarter than the President of the United States. And the whole thing about canceling the flight and canceling the congressional delegation trip to Afghanistan, I mean, it makes you wonder whether on the desk of the President of the United States, does he have like play-doh and juice boxes? This is just about a third grade level what he’s doing here. Jonathan, in Washington I don’t know what kind of talk this engendered, the tit-for-tat stuff like that, but at its root it's bigger than that. I think to a lot of people Nancy Pelosi, now armed with the gavel of the speakership, can clearly outmaneuver the President since he has no team around him and seemingly no sense of strategy.”

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