Pelosi: President’s Insistence on a Wall ‘Is a Luxury the Country Can No Longer Afford’

‘I’m concerned about people not having paychecks in their homes’

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PELOSI: "I’m concerned about people not having paychecks in their homes. Have you heard the stories of people, young woman, newly waged, who came home. She was sick. She is diabetic, she has three vials left. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She thought hopefully the government will open again. It didn't. So she is not taking insulin that she needed for her diabetes. And she even said sometimes when she would go to sleep she thought it would be easier not to wake up because she didn't take her medicine than to face the fact that she wasn’t having a paycheck and couldn’t afford her medicine. The father who has a child  who's born needing an operation but couldn’t get on to the health insurance program because government was shutdown. The list goes on and on. That’s the heat that we want to lower, the heat in the lives in the American people to convey a story storm that is going on all over the country and we want to convey the reality of this cruel policy in the lives of these workers. And it’s not just — although it is a stunning number, 800,000. We care about that statistic. But we care about each and every family that is affected. And it goes beyond those employees into our economy. Even the president’s own people are saying that GDP will not grow as long as this shutdown is there. And that means that the president’s insistence is a luxury the country -- insistence on the wall is a luxury the country can no longer afford."

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