‘Morning Joe’ Suggests Rudy Giuliani Was Drunk During CNN Interview

‘I don’t know where he was before the hit last night but a little bit too much truth perhaps came out’


BRZEZINSKI: "What time was this — was this interview late at night?"
SCARBOROUGH: "Let’s get at it, baby. Donald Trump during the transition had said that Rudy had lost a step or two, people around Rudy had said during the transition, when he wanted to be secretary of state, that he had lost a step or two. This looks like he’s been cheating on his wind sprints for months. This looks like he’s lost about 15 steps. And I don’t know why they keep putting him out on TV because Rudy Giuliani just told America and the world that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia full stop, Willie."
GEIST: "And I don’t think this is the great argument he believes it is. I think he’s trying to make a distinction between the President himself and his campaign. I think in Bob Mueller’s eyes and the prosecutors' eyes, there is no distinction there. Rudy Giuliani late at night, we don’t know what he’s going to say. But we’ve also seen in the past him introducing arguments in moments like this. In other words, he talks to Donald Trump a lot. Maybe this is coming from somewhere else and not just from Rudy Giuliani sitting on TV."
BARNICLE: "I’m sure he talks to Donald Trump a lot. I don’t know whether Donald Trump is listening to Rudy."
GEIST: "In other words, maybe they’re pushing this line, this argument to Rudy Giuliani to put out."

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