Schiff: ‘Otherworldly Situation’ Where the Kremlin Is Denying the President ‘Was Working as an Agent for Them’

‘It’s worth remembering that the Kremlin is more than capable and has put out disinformation on this very issue time after time’


COOPER: "With all that on the table, I spoke short time ago with Democrat congressman Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence committee.

[Clip starts]

First of all, Mr. Chairman, what’s your reaction to the Kremlin kind of ridiculing the idea that candidate Donald Trump or President Trump was an asset or could be an asset for Russia? It’s interesting to hear them kind of ridiculing this notion."

SCHIFF: "It is. This is such an otherworldly situation where you have the Kremlin denying that the President of the United States was working as an agent for them."

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