Mark Warner: I’d ‘Love to Hear’ From Tillerson About Trump’s Meeting with Putin

‘Even if you want to meet one on one, you want to give your team a full read out of what happened’


WARNER: "I would love to hear from the former Secretary of State. Clearly, the President of the United States But can meet one-on-one any with other foreign leaders. But any time you meet with someone, particularly that has been traditionally viewed as an adversary, as in the case of Vladimir Putin, even if you want to meet one-on-one, you want to give your team a full read out of what happened. There’s lots of do outs that come out of a meeting of that nature. And it’s more than a little bizarre, if the reporting is accurate, and we don't know this for a fact, that the President took, in effect, the interpreter’s notes, wouldn't share them with anyone and I still have not heard from anyone in the Administration what actually transpired between Putin and Trump in Helsinki and I don’t know anyone at the Administration that’s even represented that they know what transpired."

(Via Mediaite)

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