CNN: Theresa May Brexit Deal Defeated in Historic Drubbing

The proposal was roundly rejected by both supporters and opponents of Brexit


BALDWIN: “The word Brexit, the vote not voting well for the prime minister there, Theresa May. Nic Robertson is live for us, I believe he’s still in front of 10 Downing where it's the official residence -- there he is -- of the prime minister. And we know that this vote for the way in which this prime minister would like to have the U.K. exit the E.U. was put to vote, it was delayed since September and it’s my understanding she lost and she lost badly.”
ROBERTSON: “She lost badly, 432-202, so that 230 votes against her, that’s probably includes more than 100 members of her own party voting against her. That is on the sort of larger end of the numbers to vote against her that there was an estimation that there could be. The question now is, how does Theresa May going to read this? Is she going to read it in as much as she must now begin to find a consensus for another way forward that she can no longer has enough support to go back to Brussels to try to eke more in this negotiation out of the European Union. None seems to be on the table. The message for those European Union negotiators in Brussel is this would be a very weak prime minister, there would be very little that you could give her that she could take back and continue to win with the deal as she has it right now. So this is -- this is a very bad night for the prime minister. We’ll begin to learn in the coming minutes precisely what she plans to do from here.”

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