Kennedy to Dr. Ablow: ‘Don’t You Dare Put Words in My Mouth or I’ll Smack You Down!’

‘I will bring you down to Chinatown!’

Fox’s Kennedy to Keith Ablow: ‘Don’t You Dare Put Words in My Mouth or I’ll Smack You Down!’ (Mediaite)

From the moment Outnumbered began Tuesday afternoon, viewers were made aware of tension between Kennedy and Keith Ablow. That time-bomb exploded rather quickly, with the former becoming frustrated at the latter putting words in her mouth (and probably also because his punditry is the equivalent of one long shit-eating grin).

At the top of the show, Ablow immediately pointed out that Kennedy “grins at me in a wry way like she’s just spoiling to have a pointed discussion with me.” In the past, Kennedy has called out Ablow for all kinds of nonsense: She was at the couch when he went on his “Michelle Obama could stand to lose a few pounds” rant; and her previous FBN show tore into him as “tacky” and “classless.”

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