Tim Scott: ‘Steve King’s Comments Are Antithetical to What Is in Fact the American Dream’

‘I have confidence that Kevin McCarthy will do the right thing and will do it very quickly’


SCOTT: "Well first, let me just congratulate and thank my Republican leaders, folks like Kevin McCarthy, Joni Ernst, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Jason Chaffetz, who've all spoken out loud and clear and rebuke to the comments of Steve King. I think the House will handle its business. I have confidence that Kevin McCarthy will do the right thing and will do it very quickly. So I look forward to that outcome. But for me, it’s not about the Republican Party. Steve King’s comments are antithetical to what is in fact the American dream. And the durability of the American dream is the strength of the American spirit. And what he did was he struck against the American spirit. So he weakened the spirit. And when that happens, our nation is less competitive globally. So what I am focused on is how do we build a better country so that the kids in high school and college today have real expectations that their futures will be brighter and better because of our leadership in this generation? That is our responsibility, to do what our parents and our grandparents did for us."

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