Mark Warner: I’m for More Border Security But It Should Not Be Driven By Trump’s ‘Political Whims’

‘Border security ought to be driven by the experts’

WARNER: "There is already 700 miles-plus of wall that’s been built, some for more than a decade. That was decided by border security experts. I’m for additional border security. But that border security ought to be driven by the experts, not by the political whims of a campaign promise where trump said the wall was going to be built and paid for by Mexico. This guy doesn’t tell the truth. So more border security, let’s have at it. While we’re having that debate, let’s reopen the government. Tim Kaine, my fellow senator and I met with a set of federal workers the other day very briefly. Here are the things we heard. You want an air traffic controller working overtime without pay? You want that person focused on air safety. You don’t want 30% of his mind focused on whether he’s going to be able to pay his mortgage or pay his kids’ tuition.”

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