Abby Philip: Cohen Can Be ‘a Devastating Character Witness Against the President’

‘He can talk about who Donald Trump really is’


PHILLIP: “But, you know, to Carrie’s point, if Michael Cohen can’t say much in this public forum, there is something he can say. And he can be basically a devastating character witness against the President. I think that is probably the one thing that Michael Cohen is almost certain to do, no matter what legal cases are still kind of pending or the Mueller probe still in limbo. He can talk about who Donald Trump really is, in his view, what Donald Trump asked him to do on his behalf, which he’s already said was break the law. And I think those kinds of public statements are going to be damaging to the President because they’re going to be playing out on national television for the entire world to see and they’re not going to dissipate into thin air. It’s going to be out there for a really long time. And I think the risk is that it’s going to get further under President Trump’s skin and cause the kinds of eruptions that we’ve seen from President Trump over the last many months, you know. This is not a probe that the President has taken easily. It has consumed him, really it has. And I think that this is going to be one of those moments where a person who’s basically betrayed him is going to be out in public saying things about him that are going to be very, very unflattering."

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