John Kennedy: Trump’s ‘Made More Progress’ Negotiating with China than Pelosi

‘I think he is frustrated’


SCIUTTO: "I don’t want you to spend your entire day here responding to everything that the president said, but the president did just speak on what is the key issue here which is the shutdown of the government over border security. And I just want to ask you about the point he made claiming that China, a hostile foreign power, in many ways, an authoritarian regime, negotiating with them, that they are more honorable than your colleagues in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, you work with him for a long time, Nancy Pelosi. Is that an acceptable thing for the U.S. president to say?"
KENNEDY: "I -- Here is how I interpreted what the president said. I think he is frustrated. My guess is that Speaker Pelosi is frustrated too. I think it'd be fair to say that he has made more progress negotiating with President XI of China than he has negotiating with Speaker Pelosi."

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