Schiff: ‘I’m Very Concerned’ About Bill Taking Over the Oversight of Mueller and Rosenstein’s Exit

‘I would hope he wouldn’t leave before the Mueller investigation is over’


CAMEROTA: "Are you concerned about William Barr taking over, it looks like — if and when he’s confirmed — taking over the oversight of the Mueller investigation and Rod Rosenstein exiting?"
SCHIFF: "I’m very concerned about it. This is the second pick for attorney general. Matt Whitaker being the first pick to be acting attorney general, who basically auditioned for the part by either going on TV in the case of Matt Whitaker and talking down the Russian investigation or in the case of Mr. Barr sending an unsolicited 19 or 20-page brief about how terrible the special counsel’s prosecution overzealous it was, how it relied on a flawed theory, how a president really couldn’t be investigated or prosecuted for obstruction of justice for firing people as a way of preventing the investigation from going forward of which he may be implicated. That ought to trouble any American devoted to the rule of law.”

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