Barnicle: How Much Longer Can We Survive Trump’s ‘Autocratic Tendencies?’

‘The American people are so much smarter than their elected representatives’


BARNICLE: “But the American people are so much smarter than their elected representatives. Why would they call them? They stand there as mutes bother in the House and the Senate, most of them. We show these clips every day and talk about the wall every day. We had Marco Rubio on just a few moments ago saying something inane about the wall. But what's going on here, if you really think about it, the real danger here is you mentioned the word autocracy. An autocracy is defined as one person who possesses singular power in any government. This man, the President of the United States Donald Trump has single-handedly, over the past two years, taken aim at destroying some of the basic institutions of our republic. And he has succeeded thus far in damaging most of those institutions. And the question isn’t about a wall. The question is about the country, the United States of America. How much longer can we survive the autocratic tendencies of one man, Donald Trump, who is all about himself? This is not about the wall. This is not about the money. This is a self-described, self-induced crisis that the President himself has created. He has talked about a national emergency when the national emergency and the crisis, both of them combined, is all wrapped up in one individual — Donald J. Trump." 

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