James Baker: Jeb ‘Extraordinarily Qualified’ To Be President

‘I’ll certainly help him if he wants me to’

O’DONNELL: "Will you help Jeb Bush and what do you think of his running for president?"

BAKER: “Well, I'll certainly help him if he wants me to, obviously. I think it's terrific that he's going to get out there and run. He's an extraordinary qualified person to be president. He would make an extremely good president so I'm excited about the fact that it looks more and more like he's actually gonna do it."

O’DONNELL: "In your mind is Jeb Bush the front runner?"

BAKER: “I think he is now, yes, with Romney's pulling out of race. But I'll tell you that based on my experience being a front runner is not necessarily always the best thing in presidential primary contest because if you don't win big enough then the press will say, 'Woo-hoo, you didn't do well enough.' But Jeb's got the solid credentials. He knows politics. He  was elected governor of Florida at least two times. He'd be a very good candidate and I expect him to get the Republican nomination."

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