Schiff Dodges on Whether Cohen, Don Jr, Stone Committed Perjury Before the Committee

‘You know, I don’t want to go into enumerating particularly who I have concerns about’


SCHIFF: “You know, I don’t want to go into enumerating particularly who I have concerned about but certainly multiple witnesses. And I think Bob Mueller, by virtue of the fact he’s been able to conduct this investigation using tools that we didn’t have in our committee, meaning compulsion, is in a better position to determine, okay, who was telling the truth? Who wasn’t? And who can I make a case against in terms of perjury. There’s no reason to protect these witnesses. There’s every reason to validate Congress’ interest in not having people come before it and lie. And I think people felt they had some kind of immunity with the GOP majority at the time because they would often intervene to tell witnesses you don’t have to answer that question. You don’t have to say anything you don’t want or come in, even if you don’t want to. We’re not going to compel you. And that’s no way to run an investigation.”

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