Schiff: ‘Premature for Democrats to Talk’ About Impeachment Until We Have the Mueller Report

‘It has to be a bipartisan process’


SCHIFF: “In terms of the merits of impeachment, we need to see what Bob Mueller has to say. It’s premature for Democrats to talk about the remedy before we know the full body of evidence. That’s what I’ve urged our colleagues to do all along. I’m going it continue to urge them. That’s where my constituents purpose they understand that, yes, it’s theoretically possible you could line up the votes in the house, but what’s the point if you don’t know the full case and can’t make the case to the Senate. In particular, it has to be a bipartisan process if the Republican senators, some of them, are not on board then all you have is a failed impeachment and I don’t know how that helps the country.”

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