Schiff on Trump Admin Departures: ‘All of the Adults Are One by One Being Forced Out of the Room’

‘And now you have a lot of yes people serving the President’


SCHIFF: “I largely do agree that all of the adults are one by one being forced out of the room. Anyone that had the standing or the Independence to speak out to the president to tell the president what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear, has been pushed aside. And now you have a lot of yes people serving the president. And with this kind of a president who is as impulsive as he is, who makes up claims out of whole cloth, and you talked earlier today about the astonishing claim that the soviets invaded Afghanistan to fight terror. That’s not something you say out of frustration. That’s a Kremlin talking point. And if he doesn’t have anyone who will tell him, Mr. President, that’s flat-out wrong, where are you getting this from? And Mr. Mulvaney may review the documents that come to the president’s desk. He doesn’t get to review every phone call the president makes and who is whispering in his someone is giving him these ideas about Montenegro and what the soviets invaded Afghanistan for, really, what’s being presented in the Duma right now is the Russian point of view. So it is deeply concerning. Republicans in Congress do need to speak out. History is going to hold them accountable. And now is the time.”

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