Chris Wallace: If Pelosi Caves on Wall Funding ‘She Would Probably Be Thrown out’ as Speaker

‘Her Democratic caucus, this is an article of faith now for the vast majority of them’


WALLACE: “As Doug McKelway pointed out he's not really a player in this. This really comes down to two people, Nancy Pelosi and President Trump. And they are going to have to figure something out. And at this point they are really under no political pressure to make a deal. In fact if Nancy Pelosi were to go into that meeting and come out and say, you know what, I’ve agreed to give the president funding for the wall, she would probably be thrown out as speaker. I mean, her Democratic caucus, this is an article of faith now for the vast majority of them. They are not going to fund the wall. If President Trump were to come out of the meeting and say, you know what, I’ve agreed we’re going to do funding for the government and no wall, you heard Lindsey Graham I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration saying that would be the end of his presidency, it would certainly be extremely damaging to a lot of his base. He campaigned on this. It’s one of the reason a lot of people voted for him. So I don’t see any possibility of a compromise at any time soon until one side begins to feel some political pressure which I don't think either side feels right now.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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