Furloughed Federal Worker: I’ve Already Applied for Unemployment Benefits

‘I’m eligible to apply for unemployment benefits’


HARLOW: "I understand that you just applied for unemployment benefits in case you might need them, is that right?"
MACLEAN: "Yes, I did."
HARLOW: "That’s much more than an inconvenience. Do you think members of Congress frankly in both parties get it, get what it’s like to be you and your husband right now?"
MACLEAN: "I don’t think so. I mean, I’m fortunate that because I’m furloughed and I’m not working, I’m eligible to apply for unemployment. The -- the workers on the job without pay wouldn't even be eligible. So, you know, my husband and I decided that it was the good stop gap measure to have just in case we needed it and I’m thankful that it’s there. The only time I've ever applied for unemployment as an adult is when government shutdowns happen."

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