WaPo Reporter: ‘We Want a Lot of These People To Come Across the Border’

‘This is all about politics; it’s not about the wall’


JORDAN: “No. What people are saying is stop it. This is all about politics. It’s not about the wall. I spent five years writing about Mexico. I’ve been all along the border. Talking about a $5 billion wall and shutting down the government because of it is investing in land line technology in the years of cell phones. It’s not about the wall. It’s silly to blame the Democrats about this. It’s a deflection. A lot of bad news for Donald Trump lately. The economy is erratic. The Mueller probe is coming down. It’s not going to be good news for him. Again, he wants the boogie man. He wants the Democrats. Regular people are like stop it. Do the right thing. Fix immigration. We want a lot of these people to come across the border. We need them in the nursing do the hard thing. Figure out how to get Visas for people who can work.”

(Via NewsBusters)

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