Lindsey Graham: There’s Nothing Immoral About a Physical Barrier Where It Makes Sense

‘The question is — can we stop hating each other enough up here to find a way forward that would be a win/win?’

GRAHAM: "I think we have a chance here to end 2018 or begin 2019 with a breakthrough on immigration, a $5 billion appropriation wisely spent would go a long way to securing our border. It's just not about physical barriers. It's about other things. If we could find a way to make sure that the DACA recipients have a work permit, it certainly makes their lives better. The tps population, I think all of us are trying to find a way to help them. So there's a deal to be had. The wall has become a metaphor for border security. And what we're talking about is a physical barrier where it makes sense. In the past, every Democrat has voted for these physical barriers. It can't be just about because trump wants it, we no longer agree with it. There's nothing immoral about a physical barrier along the border in places that make sense. So there'll never be a deal, at the end of this year, the beginning of next, that doesn't have money for the physical barriers that we all have in the past agreed we need. The president is not asking for too much. And we're going to put on the table some ideas that have been embraced in the past. The question is can we stop hating each other enough up here to find a way forward that would be a win/win."

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