Stirewalt: Dems ‘Would Be Smart’ to Take Trump’s DACA Deal in Exchange for Border Security

‘That might be too far of a reach for Pelosi or Schumer, who has five or six members of his conference running for president’


SCHUMER: “You remember the DACA deal, where it was going to be all of this border funding, all this border security funding, but it would also be permanent legal status and a pathway to citizenship for people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as minors. That was the deal and it was a good deal for both sides. They both had to give something, they both gain something. If Democrats were smart, they would bring that right back. hey would say, 'How about this? Remember the one you tuned down? Well, are you ready for it now?' It would show them willing to bargain, it would show them not radical on the issue. I don’t know if they have the strength and support to do it. That might be too far of a reach for Pelosi and especially it might be too far of a reach for Schumer, who, remember, has five or six members of his conference running for president inside of a party that is strongly in favor of impeachment, strongly oppose Donald Trump in every molecule of his existence, and he might not be able to get the votes. But if they could do it, it would be technically a very smart thing to do."

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