Del Percio: Trump ‘Has To Be Called Out’ Because He Is ‘Destroying the Core Values of Our Country’

‘I don’t know how else to put it’


DEL PERCIO: "Right, Joe, and it seems like people are willing to support Trump, a man with no core values, but now they’re turning because they see he is affecting the values of our country. That optimism that we are a global leader and that his lack of morality in many ways is now truly affecting how our country is perceived not just globally, but with each other, and it’s causing such distress and such harm and we are not looking forward and we are not looking to work together. We’re all about separation and who we can turn on, and that’s where I think the conservative values are really being stretched and that we have to — Trump has to be called out. I don’t know how else to put it. The more that this happens the better it is for our country, because the man is destroying the core values of our country now."

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