Sen. Mike Lee Questions Loretta Lynch on DOJ’s ‘Operation Choke Point’

‘I assume ... you’ll work with me to make sure that legitimate law-abiding Americans aren’t targeted for their exercise of their Second Amendment rights’

LEE: “Are you aware that there is a program called Operation Choke Point within the Department of Justice and through this program, the Department of Justice and some other federal law enforcement agencies have on some occasions put financial pressure on legal businesses, including hard-working Americans who happen to be involved in the business of selling firearms and ammunition by essentially telling banks not to do business with them?”

LYNCH: “I’m generally familiar with the name Operation Choke Point and my understanding of it with respect to the Department of Justice's current work -- again, I haven't been involved in either the implementation or the creation of it -- but my general understanding of it is that it looks to target financial institutions that are involved in perpetrating frauds upon consumers in where there might be a financial institution that is facilitating for example consumer bank accounts being looted or consumers essentially who are losing their bank accounts, that that's the target of that. Again, I’m not familiar enough with the specifics of it to know about the underlying businesses that the transaction might have originated from. But that is my understanding of the program.”

LEE: “OK. I assume it is safe to assume should you be confirmed you will work with me to make sure that legitimate law-abiding Americans aren't targeted for their exercising -- their Second Amendment rights.”

LYNCH: “On that and any other issue of importance to you Senator, I look forward to hearing your concerns and working with you on them.”

LEE: “Thank you. Thank you."

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