GOP Rep. Will Hurd: Wall Is ‘the Most Expensive and Least Effective Way to Get Border Security’

‘It doesn’t make sense but I believe we get this done’

HURD: “I think so. I think you’re seeing a lot of movement today. That’s ultimately just that movement. I believe the American people sent us up here to actually get things done rather than burn this place down. These are things we should have done a while ago. And ultimately this is about $5 billion which is a random number, Chuck. We've talked many times before, building a 30 foot high concrete structure from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security. One of the agencies that would get shut down, we already funded eight of the 24 major departments and agencies, one that would get shut down is Department of Homeland Security. So you're make a difficult situation for our men and women in Border Patrol, and then add uncertainty on top of that by not having a paycheck during Christmas. It doesn’t make sense but I believe we get this done.”

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