Schiff to Colbert: Trump, Like Cohen, ‘Should Go to Jail’

‘The rich and powerful shouldn’t play by some other set of rules’


SCHIFF: “Here is the thing, if the Justice Department takes the position that Michael Cohen should go to jail, that these allegations are so serious he should go to jail for these campaign fraud allegations, what is the argument against jail for the individual who coordinated and directed that scheme? Now that, of course — (Applause) — requires the prosecution to be able to prove their case and maybe they have the evidence and maybe they don’t, but all of the arguments the Justice Department made about Michael Cohen, that the rich and powerful shouldn’t play by a different set of rules as average people who are out there walking precincts and calling and text banking and doing legitimate things to try to affect the outcome of an election. The rich and powerful shouldn’t play by some other set of rules. That argument applies with equal force to the president of the United States.” (Cheering and Applause)

(h/t The Washington Free Beacon)

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