Fox’s Perino: Dems Who Support Border Security Can’t Even Say the ‘W’ Word

‘A lot of those members of Congress had already voted for border security’


PERINO: “I think he has not done a good enough job persuading people to the merits why we need border security. Look, he has tried. I do think that an oval Office address on immigration security would actually be very helpful. He could even use visual AIDS. There is clearly plenty to show. And I think that there might just be a way for him to have a nod to reality. That he is not going to get this wall funding before the end of the year. I think they are going to try to figure out a way to punt this for a little bit. Now he is going to have a different Congress to work with. A lot of those members of Congress had already voted for border security, which included fencing, which some people might call a wall. But, Democrats, many of them who are running for president, right? They are already in Congress. They -- it's like they can't say the w-word. They can't say wall. They can call it all sorts of over things. Not wall. I think there might be room for compromise here in the new year on the merits. On the politics of it. Well will the Democrats continue to push back against him oh ha ha we proved you wrong. Mexico didn't pay for it you didn't get your wall. Maybe there is a political cost to that as well. People understand that our borders need to be secure and that we can be a welcoming, opening, compassionate people at the same time.”

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