Colbert Roasts Trump For Calling Cohen a ‘Rat’: That’s How ‘Innocent People Always Describe Their Accusers…’

‘Like Jesus said, to Judas in the garden of Gethsemane’

COLBERT: “Trump tweeted “Remember, Michael Cohen only became a ‘rat’ after the F.B.I. Did something which was absolutely unthinkable and unheard of until the witch hunt was illegally started. They broke into an attorney’s office!” First, they didn’t break into his office. They had a warrant. And they knocked. They are allowed to come in. “That valet just stole my car— after I gave him my keys.” Get him! Get him! I think I have run more tonight pretending to be trump than trump has run in his liar life. And “Rat?” Innocent people always describe their accusers as “Rats.” Like Jesus said, to Judas in the garden of Gethsemane, “Way to rat me out, Judy. You’re going to sleep with the loaves and the fishes, see?”

(Via Mediaite)

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