Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Claims ObamaCare Was Successful in ‘Moderating Health Care Costs’

‘We should be clear that we had a positive impact from the Affordable Care Act on moderating health care cost’

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EMANUEL: “So, first of all, let’s get -- let's get it right. Since 2010 when we passed the Affordable Care Act, health care costs have actually plateaued somewhere between 17.9 percent and about 17.3 percent. So we've actually had relatively stable health care costs as a percent of the GDP. We have not had continued explosive growth that we had under President Bush. As a matter of fact, the Affordable Care Act does seem to have had a big effect on health care costs. And we had the most recent report just last week."
WESTIN: "Right."
EMANUEL: "So we should be very clear that we've actually had a positive impact from the Affordable Care Act on moderating health care cost growth. Now that -- having said that --"
WESTIN: "Yeah."
EMANUEL: "-- we need to continue to be vigilant about costs and we need to cut prices in health care and we also need to cut utilization of unnecessary care, inefficiently delivered care. And that can't stop.”

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