Geraldo: Cohen ‘Wants To Be the King Rat’ Who Takes Down Trump

‘Michael Cohen is trying very hard to be the John Dean of the Trump White House’


GERALDO: "Well, I think Michael Cohen is full of crap, to tell you the truth. He got some favorable grades from the Special Counsel in terms of his veracity, but recall that the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are extremely unsatisfied with the truthfulness of Michael Cohen’s responses. It seems to me that Michael Cohen is trying very hard to be the John Dean of the Trump White House. He wants to be the king rat and chief snitch who takes down Donald Trump. He does represent, I hasten to add, a real peril, a real jeopardy for the President, because if he is believed, then the President is on the short end of the stick in terms of the hush payments to both Karen McDougal, the 'Playboy' playmate and porn star Stormy Daniels. Michael Cohen is suggesting that Donald Trump led the negotiation and did it to win the election, not to save the First Lady from embarrassment."

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