Rep. Butterfield: ‘Far Right-Wing’ Turning Young People Against ObamaCare

‘I think they are turned off because the far right-wing has turned them off’

JANSIN: "--A very well organized push against this that continues, are you afraid young people won't sign up and if they don't, that's going to be big trouble for ObamaCare?"
BUFFERFIELD: "Let me tell you, the success of this program depends largely on full participation by the uninsured population, especially those who are young and uninsured. So many of our young citizens don't realize the importance of being fully insured, and that's our challenge, to make sure that the uninsured population understands that this coverage is affordable. For many it will be less than $100 /month and provide full insurance for these individuals and their families. And so it's our challenge. I wish the Republicans would work with us in trying to get the American people ready for the roll-out of this -- of this coverage."
JANSING: "Do you think, congressman, at this point they are turned off?"
BUFFERFIELD: "Well, i think they are turned off because the far right wing has turned them off. There's been such a massive smear campaign about ObamaCare for the last three years. They have not given the truth to those who need to hear. And so our challenge is to reach out to the Republicans and say 'hey, guys, let's put the politics aside. Let's get ready to make this thing work just as we did with Medicare Part D.' Bill Clinton was absolutely correct, in 2003, we encountered similar challenges, but we made it work."

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