Anderson Rips Trump on Hush Money Claims: ‘More Evidence That Shows the President Seems Incapable of Telling the Truth’

‘Almost any aspect of the hush money payments that just sent his former lawyer to prison’


COOPER: “ But first, the other breaking news tonight, more evidence that shows the president seems incapable of telling the truth about almost any aspect of the hush money payments that just sent his former lawyer to prison. The president said today that he never directed Michael Cohen to do anything wrong. He said a lot of other truth challenged things which we’ll get to. But tonight, we now know that two months after he began his presidential campaign, Donald Trump was in the room at a meeting with Michael Cohen and David Pecker, the head of the company that owns “The National Enquirer” as pecker offered to help the campaign identify negative stories about his relationships with women, stories that would then be killed, kept from the public. This is from a court document in the immunity deal that the company, Ami has reached with prosecutors.”

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