Rep. Schiff on Trump Saying Cohen Is Responsible for Any Crimes: ‘The President Knew What He Was Doing Was Wrong’

‘But nonetheless, the Department needs hard evidence’


SCHIFF: “I don’t make much of it, honestly, given the nature of the discussions. I think there will be ample opportunity for the Department if it pursues this to demonstrate that the President knew what he was doing was wrong. Knew what he was doing was unlawful, and was prepared to do it anyway. What we have found consistently, Wolf, is you can’t rely on any of the President’s representations. Because, of course, he said he knew nothing about this. He had no discussions with it. Now we know all of that is false. He said when the sentencing memoranda came out that essentially, thank you, that has completely vindicated me when it was quite the opposite. So the last person we can rely on this is Donald Trump. But nonetheless, the Department needs hard evidence. They may very well have it. And I think it’s vitally important that the Department adhere to the principle no one is above the law. And all of the arguments they made against Michael Cohen, all of the arguments they made as to why the seriousness of this offense justified his going to jail, that the rich and powerful don’t operate by a set of different standards as those that were precincts or putting bumper stickers on the car or making calls. All of those arguments apply with even greater force to Mr. Trump.”

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