Steve Schmidt: ‘All Americans Were Likely Humiliated‘ by Trump’s ‘Buffoonery’ Yesterday

‘The whole country heard Donald Trump for two years say that Mexico is going to pay for the wall’


RUHLE: “All right, Steve, yesterday, was that the state of politics in our country? And if it was, we have no chance of anything happening in the next two years or did Republicans watch that, where they humiliated by the buffoonery? And do you think something could actually get done around the president?"
SCHMIDT: "All Americans were likely humiliated by the buffoonery of it all. It was shocking to watch with the exception of Leader Pelosi’s performance there. Look, at the end of the day, the whole country —"
RUHLE: "Wait, you don’t think Mike Pence did a good job yesterday?"
SCHMIDT: "It was. I think if they do a remake of 'Weekend at Bernie’s,' he’s the guy. It was incredible."

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