Dem Congresswoman Lectures Indian CEO of Google About Insufficient Hiring of Minorities

‘As you well may have heard the Congressional Black Caucus has been working with Google’s and other search engines to recognize there’s not enough individuals of diversity’

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JACKSON LEE: “That was an important statement. My community is diverse. As you well may have heard, the Congressional Black Caucus has been working extensively with Google and other search engines to recognize there are not enough individuals of diversity, African-Americans. My district has a huge number of musicians, artists and creators from all areas of entertainment. I would be interested in what efforts are being taken by Google's platform YouTube to promote diversity, inclusion with employees. What are the demographics of YouTube's U.S. employees and also how is YouTube currently distributing resources for U.S. diversity? But the focus is on U.S. diversity. What are you doing? YouTube is a great message and there’s a whole population growing of diverse persons including African-Americans.”

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