Schiff: ‘It’s a Pretty Damning Picture’ for Trump of ‘Multiple Contacts’ with Russia and ‘Multiple Lies’

‘Even now we don’t see all the pieces’


SCHIFF: "What’s always made this so challenging is the public has learned different facts just within the Russia investigation in a day by day drip by drip fashion. And when you learn it that way, it’s hard to see how does this all fit together and just how damning is the picture it presents. And it is a pretty damning portrait with multiple contacts by different people within the Trump campaign, with different Russians, multiple lies about these meetings that they first denied took place and then they took place, concocting false stories about what the meetings were about, 'No, it was about adoptions.' It’s a pretty damning portrait and even now we don’t see all the pieces. I think some of the most interesting aspects of the filings in the last week, from my point of view, is the reference, for example, that Michael Cohen provided information that is core to the special counsel’s investigation vis-a-vis the Trump Organization.”

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