Schiff: We’re Going to Investigate Trump for Money Laundering

‘We are going to look at issues in particular that may not be the subject of the special counsel’s work and money laundering is very much among them’


SCHIFF: "These are going to be very high priorities for us. You’re absolutely right. Russia gets the most attention, but it’s not the only threat that we face either internally or externally. We are going to be doing deep dives into Saudi Arabia and North Korea. One of the responsibilities of our committee is to determine whether we’re getting the best intelligence from these places, what those intelligence agencies can tell us not just about the Khashoggi murder but about our reliance on Saudi Arabia, on the stability of Saudi Arabia, on Saudi’s role in the war in Yemen, the peace process. With respect to North Korea, can we believe the assurances by our president that we can now sleep well at night because North Korea is irrevocably on the path towards denuclearization? That isn't consistent, I think, with what I'm seeing and we want to make sure that the country and the policy makers have the use of the best possible intelligence to assess our foreign policy. So that will be absolute priorities. We are not going to be able to have the luxury of waiting until Bob Mueller is finished. There was some discussion of that initially, whether the Congress should defer to the Special Counsel. That would have meant we would be deferring for a year and a half. But we are going to look at issues in particular that may not be the subject of the Special Counsel’s work and money laundering is very much among them."

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