Obama: U.S. Will Help Upgrade Infrastructure in India

‘We can work together to develop new technologies that will help India leap forward’

 "We need to be fostering a business environment that's more transparent and more consistent and more predictable. In knowledge based economies, entrepreneurs and innovators need to feel confident that their hard work and in particular their intellectual property will be protected. Second, we're going to work together to develop new technologies that help India leap forward. And I know I speak for the American companies represented here when they say they are ready to partner with Indian firms to build next generation trains that run on cleaner energy and to lay new railways India needs for the future. They are ready to help upgrade roads and ports and airports to make it easier for Indians to connect with each other and with the world. They are ready to install broadband connections to give communities reliable access to the Internet and to help build the smart cities that the Prime Minister Modi has called for. And on this visit, we've paved the way to mobilize American expertise and investments in three of these cities, and we will send two trade missions to India this year focused specifically on upgrading India's infrastructure."

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