Dana Bash: Any Time You Get a Call from Any Foreign Operative, You Hang Up and You Call the FBI

‘A lot of those characters in the Trump world you just put up have different stories with regard to their contacts with the Russians’


BASH: "Exactly. And that’s the key. Lying about it, never mind the very questionable behavior during the campaign of not raising their hands and saying to the FBI, this just happened, I got a call from Russian X, Russian Y. And, look, a lot of those characters in the trump world you just put up have different stories with regard to their contacts with the Russians. Some, it’s because they have had genuine business relationships. Michael Flynn is probably the most prominent of that. Maybe Paul Manafort as well and those who work for Paul Manafort, like Rick Gates. But in other situations, the most infamous, I guess you would say, is the Trump Tower meeting in 2016. It’s because the Russians were so aggressive and so blatant about trying to get into and trying to influence the campaign against Hillary Clinton. And they had at least willing listeners. And, again, we’ve been talking about this for over two years. Is that a crime? You know, probably not. But the question is what happens after that, and just protocol. This is the reason why protocol is such that when you are working on a campaign and you get a call from any foreign operative, you hang up the phone, you pick up the phone again and you call the FBI."

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