FNC’s Herridge: Prosecutors Recommended Substantial Jail Time and $500K Fine for Michael Cohen

‘Prosecutors made their bombshell filing in the case against ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen recommending substantial prison time’


HERRIDGE: "We've had a lot of breaking news in the last half-hour. One step at a time. On the filing for Michael Cohen, as you mentioned, the recommendation is substantial jail time as well as a fine of $500,000. I just want to take a minute here to read some of the filing that has to do with the payments to women on behalf of then-candidate Trump. And what they say is he — Cohen — arranged for the payment through a media company and disguised it as a services contract, and executed the second non-disclosure agreement with aliases, and routed the six-figure payment through a shell corporation. After the election, he arranged for his own reimbursement via fraudulent invoices for non-existing legal services ostensibly performed pursuant to a non-existing retainer agreement. It continues. This was not a blind act of loyalty as Cohen has also suggested. His actions suggest that Cohen relished the status of an ultimate fixer, a role he embraced as recently as May of 2018. The argument they are making is that he is not cooperating to the extent that they had wished. They are also making the argument that the fraud was a very deep fraud and complex fraud and a fraud that was perpetrated over a lengthy period of time.”

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