Bill Maher: Why Can't Liberals Criticize Muslims?

'Pernicious beliefs are pernicious beliefs'

Maher vs. Liberal Panel: Liberals "Worried They're Going To Be Called Racist If They Criticize Muslims" (Real Clear Politics)

On Friday's broadcast of HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher clashed with his liberal panel over liberals not being allowed to criticize Muslims in fear of being called a racist. The panel consisted of Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame and Richard Dawkins.

"I think the point we always try to make is that liberals somehow feel worried that they're going to be called racist if they criticize people of the Muslim faith, which is stupid," Maher said. "First of all, because it's not a racist, Muslim. It's a religion. And if I criticize Michael Vick, it's not because he's black, it's because he electrocuted dogs. You know?"

"We need liberal voices to stand up for liberalism. This is the great irony here because we are standing up for liberal principles. Which I am sorry, but a lot of the Muslim world stands against, not just the radicals," Maher said.

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